Sofia’s slave becomes her lover 

He stood outside her bedroom door, his mind lost in thought . How long he had waited for this moment , now it was here he felt fear and apprehension . What if he disappointed her , what if she really were as cold and unfeeling as she portrayed herself to be .


Inside the bedroom , Sofia stood in front of the mirror . She was all too aware of the difference in their ages , she was a striking woman , but even so the tell tale signes of her age were very apparent to her.she had not had a lover since her marriage ended and that was a good few years ago . Her sex life with her ex husband left a lot to be desired . She had spent many years faking her pleasure in order to end the ordeal . She had also spent 25 years being constantly belittled and bullied . Sofia vowed that no man would get the better of her again , her life experience with him had totaly changed and hardened her.

He resisted the urge to knock on the door, no, he had made it quite clear that he would be in full control this evening . He quietly turned the handle and walked in . His mistress was standing in front of the mirror , obviously deep in thought . He walked over to her and gently placed his hands on her shoulders . He felt her flinch at the unfamiliar touch . She raised her head and looked at him through the mirror . For the first time he had the right to look at her face and so he gazes into her eyes. He was surprised when she shyly lowered her eyes. Oh my god , he thought, she’s vulnerable . He slowly turned her around , lifting her chin he bent his head and his lips touched hers , almost like a whisper, then his tongue slowly traced around her lips and when he felt them part he gently pushed it into her mouth and found hers . He caressed her tongue with his until he felt it become hard and he knew she was becoming as aroused as he was . He pulled the thin straps of her negligee down her shoulders and it slid to the floor . He took a step back , he had seen her body many times before but had never been permitted to gaze intently . She saw the desire in his eyes and felt compelled to bring her arms up to cover herself , but he took her wrists and gently guided them away as he whispered ” your beautiful ”

He picked her up and carried her to the bed kissing her as he laid her down . He lay down next to her , she could feel his hardness against her leg . His hand began caressing her breasts , then she felt his soft mouth as it took her nipple sucking it until it became hard like a rosebud. His hand slowly stroking down her flat stomachs untill it found her beautiful mound and he began gently playing with her clit, teasing caressing . As his fingers moved down to her cunt he was surprised how wet she was becoming . He moved down pushing her knees apart his tongue was quick to enter her , moving in and out of her , he felt her body writhing , heard her gentle moans and was aware how desperately he longed to be inside her . He could taste her sweet juices and it made him feel lightheaded . He wanted nothing for himself , this was all for her , he wanted to watch her face as she reached the orgasm he knew she was close to . Then he felt her pulling him to her and he knew the time was right , he pulled his body up onto hers , his cock found its home immediately and he slowly entered her . He began moving rhymically inside her , never taking his eyes from hers . He saw a tear slide down her cheek , he bent and kissed it away , moments later he watched as she climaxed taking him with her . When they were spent and he lay on her gently caressing her she heard him whisper in her ear “I love you Sofia” But those words were to seal his fate

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  1. I enjoyed it.. What was the atmosphere like though? What was the temperature in the room, were there goosebumps and nipples raging under their winter coat…

    Foreplay is beautiful but when the real love making begins it all just fizzles out… Imagine when that swollen inquisitive cock found its goal and started shoving hard for something beyond foreplay… Shoving deep inside with the weight of a hungry man behind it… Proding at every thrust, asking that small area inside her to just relax and let that cock fall in just the right place to make her want more, need more, demand so much more that she wraps her arms around him pulling at his ass cheeks, nails piercing… Asking him to go harder… She’s felt that pleasure before, that feeling when a longer than average cock knocks at the door of her cervix… She is honestly near submission when she thinks she’s going to embarrass herself by pissing the bed again… Then it clicks… That tiny moment when you are deep with flesh and you feel it… Pupils dialate, sweat appears beneath the eyes and you can do nothing but let go, let him fuck you like you wanted every shity lay in the last 10 years to fuck you…
    I’ve lost control of my lower body and my legs go limp as I cum so fucking hot and crazy like I did in my teens… I focus for just enough time to see him leave me alone in bed, how long I’ve lay here exhausted and complete I’ll never know…

    I never seen him again after that night until the 25th December 2015….

    But that’s a tale I’ll only tell to Henry…


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