The art of domination 

It didn’t take very long before I came across a submissive caller, this was new territory for me and I think I should have googled a few things before I started. It also bacame clear to me that I had found my vocation and soon I acquired my very own slave harem, but we’ll talk about that later. My beginning wasn’t quite so successful


Ring Ring

“Hello, who am I speaking to?”

” this is Gerald,  is that Sofia?”

” yes it is , what can I do for you ?”

” I’m into CBT mistress ”

“Well, your in luck Gerald , I have a beautiful pink one, long and shiny ”

” huh? Are you transsexual mistress?”

“Sorry Gerald, why would you ask that?”

“You said you have a long pink shiny cock mistress”

“What? No, PVC , long shiny pink PVC Mac Gerald

” sorry mistress, only I said CBT not PVC , cock and ball torture”

“Oh, I do beg your pardon Gerald, hang on, I’ll just get my hmmer ”


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